Engineering the future beyond steel

About us

Hyundai Steel Mexico is a Wolrd-Class Company, founded in January 2015, as an integral part of the Hyundai Motors group, with an initial investment of $144 USD, in Pesquería NL, Mexico, an affiliated company of one of the largest manufacturers in the world.

Hyundai Steel Mexico, develops high-tech materials as well as using cutting-edge technologies, which are utilize, to achieve high safety standards in the car design. Hyundai Steel Mexico, provides high-quality steel products, with a capacity in our processes of up to 130 tons, to be able to provide service to our customers.

Hyundai Steel Mexico, has played a key role in the supply chain of our customers, due to the diverse production and machinery capabilities, that allow us to meet the operational needs of customers.

Whit the support of our Hyundai Steel Co. Group, Hyundai Steel Mexico, is prepare to “Continue Engineering The Future Beyond Steel


Originally founded in 1953 as Korea Heavy Industry Corporation, Hyundai Steel Company Ltd., as it was renamed in 2006, is widely recognized as South Korea’s first major steelmaker. For more than six decades, it has consistently paved the way for sustainable growth by strategically boosting its blast furnace and electric arc operations and investing in new cutting-edge technologies.

Hyundai Steel Company’s largest mill, the Dangjin integrated steel mill, held its groundbreaking ceremony in October 2006. Its first and second blast furnaces were commissioned there in 2010, and another third blast furnace was put into production in 2013. Including the blast furnaces at Dangjin and the electric arc furnaces at its other locations, Hyundai Steel Company’s combined crude steel production capacity is 24 million tons. Adding in the cold-rolling division it acquired from the merger with Hyundai Hysco in 2013, Hyundai Steel Company is now firmly established as an all-inclusive production system integrating all production processes from raw materials to finished products.

Overall, Hyundai Steel Company runs seven works and five sales branches in South Korea, in addition to its headquarters in Seoul. Its overseas network includes the Qingdao plant, 17 local subsidiaries, and 8 overseas sales branches in 14 countries around the world
including Hyundai Steel Mexico in Monterrey N.L. For more information about our parent company, Hyundai Steel Company, please visit their website. here

Safety AND environment

In Hyundai Steel México we believe continuous improvement to environmental, health and safety
performance contributes to our business success. We are committed to provide a safe and health
workplace to all our employees, additionally we are focus to reduce adverse environmental
impacts associated with our operations.
Since the beginning of our operations, our commitment in Safety, Health and Environment have
led us to search different certifications: Hyundai Steel México has been certified in an
International Certification for Environmental Management System “ISO 14001:2015” and a
National Certification for Health and Safety Management System “Safe Company”
In Hyundai Steel our employees are continuously trained about health, safety and environment in
order to maintain a safe place to work; also maintains compliance with all federal, state, and local
regulations concerning environmental health and occupational safety.

Safety Certifications:

ISO 14001:2015
Safe Company