Engineering the future beyond steel

Blanking Line

Blanking is the process to create a piece with a determinate shape coming from an steel roll by punch or cut process, those parts are used to form the automobile interior and exterior body.

Due the characteristics of the blanks the blanking line includes the integration of the process: washing the steel to remove any contamination particles, make the cut to create the shape and a final clean-up brush to remove any contamination coming from the cutting process.

Line Specifications

Raw Material Data

CR, GA, GI, EG (Tensile Strength = 120 Kg/mm²)


0.3 – 3.2 mm.


200 – 1,900 mm.


Max. 25,000 kg.


Inner = 508/610 mm.

Outer = 600 – 2,300 mm.

Blank Data

Feeding Speed

10 – 90 mm/min.


Die and Oscilator

Cut Length

150 – 4,000 mm.

Piling Weight

8,000 kg (With Pallet)

Washing Unit


100 ton/min.

Filtering Cap.

5 mic.

Press Data

Force Capa

600 ton.


4,600 X 2,500 mm.

Stroke Per Minute

10 – 80 strokes/min.


Die Height = 1,250 mm.

Side Stroke = 300 mm (Adj 350)