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Slitter Line

Slitting is the process to reduce the steel coils width or to divide the steel coils to skelps (thiner coils) using the circular knives cutting process, those parts are used to form the automovil interior and exterior body.

One of the important characteristics of our slitting process is to convert 1 coil to 27 skelps as the maximum cuts.

Line Specifications

Raw Material Data

CR, GA, GI, EG (Tensile Strength = 120 Kg/mm²)


0.3 – 4.0 mm.


250 – 1,850 mm.


Max. 25,000 kg.


Inner = 508/610 mm.

Outer = 600 – 2,300 mm.

Recoil Data


508 / 610 mm.

Line Speed

Max. 250 m / min.

Slitting Width

41 – 1,850 mm.

Cut Quantity

Max. 27 cuts